It appears as though things are moving forward on a planned remake of Mary Lambert's Pet Sematary. THR is reporting that Matthew Greenberg has been hired to craft a new screenplay for the project, making this the scribe's second foray into Stephen King territory. Geenberg previously brought 1408 to the big screen.

The 1989 film was an adaptation of a novel that author Stephen King refused to publish for a number of years--saying that he felt it crossed lines better left alone--about a family who discovers that a nearby pet cemetery has the ability to bring the dead back to life. When the family's youngest child is killed, the father takes the corpse to the graveyard and the kid comes back from the dead--only it's not the same kid who died, but something much darker and malevolent.

News of plans to remake Pet Sematary leave me feeling largely indifferent. Lambert's original is a fun, if ultimately average, horror film that never really lives up to the novel that inspired it. It's a middle of the pack King adaptation, and I certainly feel as though a remake has the potential to improve upon the first filmed version of the story. That being said, do we really need a retelling of this tale? All I know is that whoever winds up directing it better leave the "Gage slashes the neighbor's Achilles Tendon" scene in--because that's what everyone remembers when the topic of this film comes up.
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