There's a lot to chastise about that whole Twilight Saga. In fact, just yesterday we were giggling over Sesame Street's Count knocking Edward's lights out. But there's one thing I've really dug, and that's just how much this mega-blockbuster teen sensation is intermingled and entrenched in the indie -- the small, notable, and wide-ranging projects that I can only hope get more love and success from the sparkly vamp and werewolf crowd. First step: over-wrought romance, second step, cinephiles? Okay, maybe there are a few more steps in between those two, but there's definitely a different mentality emanating from most of the Twilight crowd (one Taylor Lautner excepted). Heck, even the pre-Twilight biggy is getting in on it.

According to Deadline Hollywood, Chris Weitz, the biggest name to circle the franchise, is now focusing on a small, independent feature -- one he's supposedly paying for part of out of his own pocket (with help from Summit and Jami Gertz's Lime Orchard). The Gardener focuses on a Mexican landscaper (to be played by Che'sDemian Bichir) who lives in East L.A. but drives to the posh areas to manicure lawns, while trying to keep his son (newcomer Jose Julian) safe from gangs and immigration. Weitz says: "It's about an undocumented immigrant who gets the chance to buy a truck and equipment to raise his family out of poverty, and how things go right and wrong from there. It is an Italian neo-realist movie with a contemporary feel. I wanted to return to making films with no green screen required, not that there's anything wrong with those."

No green screen and really silly wolves jumping into horribly fake-looking CG waters? With an indie mentality to boot? I'm in. The film will start shooting this April.
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