Well, the first round of Cinematical Late Night didn't bring out any pitchforks, so it looks like you can expect to find it Monday through Thursday a few times a week. If you've got any news bits you think might fit, please do use the contact form at the top of the page.

- Universal Studios Hollywood has a new King Kong 3D attraction on the horizon for this summer, and so they've begun teasing it accordingly. The video might be a little too Cloverfield-reminiscent, but I'd be game for seeing King Kong flatten Hollywood.

- Wesley Snipes tells MTV what he'd like to see in a hypothetical fourth Blade film while simultaneously taking a swipe at Blade: Trinity. Smart.

- With the screenplay more or less in the bag, James Cameron is now looking around for candidates to direct a remake of Fantastic Voyage. Don't worry, Avatar haters, Cameron didn't write it, he's just producing.

- There's been off and on talk of a big screen continuation of HBO's Rome since its second season ended in 2007, but it looks like progress might finally be settling back into the on position.

- Geek Chic Daily has a fun list of facts about Alice in Wonderland creator Lewis Caroll. Did you know he has a disease named after him?
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