You know who Deepak Chopra is, right? He's the author who's into mind-body medicine, who publishes tons of self-help books, and who used to be a leader of the Transcendental Meditation movement. He also wrote a graphic novel a few years ago called Beyond, and now Variety reports that he will adapt the piece into a screenplay for Suri Krishnamma (Being Othello) to direct.

It's not just a graphic treatment of his teachings, but rather a supernatural thriller about a man whose wife disappears while on holiday in India. "His search for her is guided only by the sound of her cries for help from the ether." Chopra says: "Beyond is a story about reality being multi-dimensional and how we can take journeys to realms we never dreamed of by separating the veils that partition our minds."

Whether you're into it, or you think it's a farce, this is the sort of stuff that gets explored in fantasy films and SciFi. The question is: Can a man who really believes that make a thriller that relays his teachings and appeals to the graphic novel fiends and fantasy fans out there? Have you read Beyond? How do you think it'll play as a feature film?
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