Has it really been seven years since FOX axed the consistently brilliant, charming and hilarious Futurama? It was a show as funny as The Simpsons in its prime, but had the added advantage of taking place in a fully realized and often surprisingly deep science fiction universe. If you haven't seen it yet, who are you? And why are you reading this site?

Like fellow FOX victim Family Guy, Futurama gained a huge cult following post-cancellation, prompting the release of several hit-and-miss straight to DVD movies. Comedy Central picked up the show, promising to revive the series. It feels like it's taken years, but this is finally coming to pass. The show's Facebook page and Comedy Central Insider have officially announced that new episodes of Futurama will premiere this June.

Added bonus: the entire cast will be returning, despite reports to the contrary. Hooray!

I know a lot of fans were disappointed with the movies (and rightfully so), so there's always the question of whether or not they'll recapture that old magic, but I have a positive feeling deep in my gut. Call it a Good-Taste-Hunch.

(More info via Ain't It Cool)
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