The whole "Jews run the media" shtick is one I'll never tire of, if only because, well, I'm a Jew in the media. My fellow media-controlling (and far more powerful!) peeps at Heeb have diligently assembled the 100 greatest Jewish moments in movies, and they are a hoot, as well as a juicy lot of movies to add to your Netflix queue. With plenty of clips from the movies themselves and tons of trivia, this is definitely a well-researched and badass article. Badass like Heeb cover girl Mélanie Laurent from Inglourious Basterds, not that she was frigging cheated out of a best supporting actress nomination or anything. Except that she was.

But anyway, this is one thorough list, with trivia about Jewish actors like the Cowardly Lion in The Wizard of Oz, lesser-known films like Carl Reiner's Where's Poppa?, which features a scene where Ruth Gordon bites her son on the tuchus, classics like Funny Girl, and random and absolutely hilarious one-offs, such as when Ronnie in Role Models finds out the members of KISS are Jewish ("I didn't know Jews could sing like that!"). Seriously, this is a true feat of extensively researched, Jewish movie nerd awesomeness.

In light of this year's Jew Bear-tastic Inglourious Basterds sweeping the noms (and perhaps the awards as well, if Harvey Weinstein has any say in it - we'll find out Sunday!), give it a little look, okay? It's Friday, so I know you want to take it easy. But remember, do it before sundown or have your Sabbath goy click through for you. Don't roll on shabbos!
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