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Poor Solomon Kane. Not only did he make a pact with the devil that if he ever murdered again his soul would be hellbound, but he can't even get a proper showing here in the United States. Michael J. Bassett's very cool, very slick, and very violent dark fantasy epic made the festival rounds last year (I caught it at Fantastic Fest and thoroughly enjoyed it) to overall positive critical acclaim, but sadly no US distributor has stepped to the plate to give the film the wide release it deserves. That's why the producers of the film are attempting to help drive up awareness of the film using the same Eventful Demand it! platform that Paramount leveraged so effectively for Paranormal Activity.

The above widget is for the Austin, TX area (it makes me sad that, as of this writing, only four people in the home of Fantastic Fest have demanded it), but clicking right here should take you to the Eventful site where you can demand it anywhere in the US of A. If you're still not sure whether 90 seconds worth of clicking and typing is worth your time, I've included the Solomon Kane trailer below. If it doesn't convince you it's worth checking out, please see an eye doctor.
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