RomeIn a development that has been rumored for months, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that the HBO series 'Rome' is headed to the big screen, news that has thrilled the show's small but hardcore fan base. For everyone else, though, the project raises one pressing question: Why?

That's not to say that 'Rome' isn't worthy of a big screen adaptation. The series, which lasted for two seasons before being canceled in 2007, was well received by critics and features a broad scope that should allow for easy transition to the larger canvas that film provides. Despite those facts, though, it's equally true that the show was canned for a simple reason: people weren't watching it.

And, let's face it, historical epics haven't exactly been top performers at the box office in recent years. Which got us to thinking: Aren't there other HBO shows that are more popular, more interesting and would probably be more profitable at the box office? Wouldn't you want to see one of those instead of 'Rome'? We think so.

So while HBO hasn't solicited our opinion on the matter (yet), here's our list of five HBO shows we would rather see adapted for the big screen than 'Rome.'
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