What makes the Star Trek score so good? I can hum it. And not just the main theme, but some of the smaller themes as well. That's from seeing the film twice in theatres, and once on blu-ray -- I don't even own the soundtrack. I realize that's not insightful musical criticism, but, really, when was the last time you could whistle a main title theme after the film was over? It's a rare thing these days, and I'm glad Michael Giacchino isn't afraid to make his music really stand out in a movie, like John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith before him.

Giacchino got noticed in a big way by the International Film Music Critics Association, taking home awards for Star Trek and Up (another exemplary score that I judge solely by its "humability"). Giacchino was named Composer of the Year, with Up winning the Best Score of the Year and Best Score for an Animated Feature. Star Trek took the prize for Best Score for a Fantasy/Science-Fiction Film.

It's good to see a return to sweeping, memorable themes in film after what seemed like a trend toward run-of-the-mill percussion-heavy background music for the longest time. I've no doubt this won't be the last time Giacchino gets to walk away with an armload of awards for his work.

(via TrekWeb)
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