The past few weeks have seen a ton of muscled men join Conan, or at least talk about signing up. Following on the heels of Mickey Rourke's casting, Latino Review reported that MMA fighter and aspiring actor Bob Sapp joined the cast as Ukafa , and that Stephen Lang was in talks to play Khalar Singh, the main villain and the kind of demonic warlord his Colonel "Your real legs" Quaritch dreamed of being. But no Hyborian epic is complete without a lady warrior, and Latino Review reports that Rachel Nichols has joined the cast. She confirmed the casting on her Twitter for any doubters.

Nichols will be playing Tamara, a beautiful and studious girl who has lived her life at a monastery. All that book learning and praying hasn't stopped her from becoming a master of martial arts, and bodyguard to an endangered queen. After Singh storms their hiding place and separates the Queen from her bodyguards, Tamara is determined to find and rescue her. Luckily, she meets a fellow who has exactly the same goal, and who is happy to align weapons with her. If you're thinking "I bet they align something else too, ha ha!", well, you'd be right.

Every Conan story needs a badass warrior chick, so I'm glad they've got one. Nichols certainly fired up the fanboys as Scarlett in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobraso I'm sure a few will pop in to see her in action. I imagine she'll be wearing something tight and midriff-baring just for that purpose. No one needs body armor in Conan's world.

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