Saying that the latest epic superhero movie is going to be in 3D is like saying the Pope is Catholic, that bears defecate in wooded areas and that Batman will triumph against Spider-Man in a one-on-one bout of fisticuffs. It's inevitable, everyone knows it's going to happen and the bigger news will soon be what isn't in 3D.

Martin Campbell's Green Lantern, which begins filming later this month for a 2011 release, is the latest movie to join this cinematic revolution...or fad, if you're an old fashioned git like me. /Film reports that it's not clear whether the film will be converted in post or if they'll be able to film with 3D cameras, but it's happening. Since I've had a mixed relationship with 3D movies (if I'm going to pay more for your silly glasses, I expect a bright and crystal clear image, thank you very much) I won't say I'm terribly excited for this news.

But...If they pull it off, a crazy space-adventure and superhero action epic like Green Lantern would be a perfect fit for an extra dimension.

Warner Bros. is banking big on this 3D business/nonsense. The two part Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows will be in 3D, as will Zach Snyder's upcoming action-fantasy, Sucker Punch. Pretty soon, they'll be shaking our seats and spraying smells at us. You know, to complete the immersion. I bet Hal Jordan smells like strawberries. And his power ring smells like burnt hair.

Way of the future, folks. Way of the future.
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