I only saw the original The Eyeby Darren and Oxide Pang, better known as the Pang Brothers, a few months ago, and though I'm not particularly fond of Asian supernatural thrillers, this one managed to rattle some bones and keep me hooked, all while providing a healthy dose of scares. The film was remade in 2008 with Jessica Alba, rated PG-13, and bombed at the box office. In between this time the Pang Brothers did two sequels, as well as the Sam Raimi-produced The Messengers and the 2006 film Re-cycle, which screened at Cannes in 2006. Your brief history of the Pang Brothers' career has now come to a close, and we will now introduce you to their newest foray into supernatural territory, The Child's Eye.

As Dread Central reports by way of 24 Frames Per Second, the Pang Brothers are nearing the end of production for the fourth installment of their quasi-popular franchise, with a potential release date of some time in June. The synopsis of the film is as follows:

Stranded in Thailand by a political uprising and airport closure, Rainie and her friends are unable to return home. Reluctantly, they decide to stay in an aged and shabby hotel. Among them is Rainie's almost-breakup boyfriend, Lok; Ling and her brother, Rex; and Ciwi with her beloved boyfriend, Hei. The moment they check into the hotel, they come across three weird children and a puppy that seems slightly odd. As strange and sinister things start to happen, they begin disappearing one after another...

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