Oscar Acting Awards
Every year's Oscar race has at least one sure thing among nominees in the four acting categories. Last year, the late Heath Ledger was a lock for Best Supporting Actor from 'The Dark Knight.' The year before that, It was Javier Bardem in the same category for 'No Country for Old Men.' And the year before that, Forest Whitaker and Helen Mirren were the preordained Best Actor and Actress winners from 'The Last King of Scotland' and 'The Queen.'

This year, only the Best Actress race is in doubt; and in that one, you'd be a fool to bet against 'The Blind Side's' Sandra Bullock. In fact, if we weren't being constantly reminded that it's been nearly three decades since 16-time nominee Meryl Streep last won an Oscar, Bullock might be the biggest lock of all.
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