Film location tourism is becoming a big industry. But that's not necessarily what I'm looking for here. Admitting that you've been to Astoria, Oregon, just to see the Goonieshouse or to Katz's Deli to sit where Meg Ryan did when she famously faked it in When Harry Met Sally is for another time (though I'm sure I'll get comments related to that). I'm more interested in a general place that you've visited because of how it was portrayed in a film. Like vacationing in Astoria and its vicinity because Kindergarten Copmade the coastal landscape appear so gorgeous. Or deciding to finally see New York City because of how it looks in the opening montage of Manhattan.

What I'm looking for is the potential for movies to function as tourism ads. And is it possible to pick one film that makes people want to flock to the Big Apple or is it a number of films. And is anyone fooled by cinema's representation of a place or disappointed when they finally get there. As someone who lives in NYC, for instance, I hope nobody was inspired to take a trip here solely based on the very false, cartoonish portrayal of the city in Enchanted. Meanwhile, I'm sure someone has gone to Moscow at a time when it wasn't snowing and been shocked by the reality of the city's climate.
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