Roy's Motel is not what it seems. In writer/director Chad Feehan's debut film Wake, a young couple on the road, played by Josh Stewart and Jamie-Lynn Sigler, stop for the night at Roy's on the road to California, hoping for a warm bed and hot coffee, and end up in a strange psycho-drama where all of their darkest secrets are laid bare. It's a movie that defies easy categorization, a corkscrew morality play that rivals the very best episodes of The Twilight Zone, and we've got four exclusive pics from the new film.

Wake makes its debut at SXSW on Saturday, March 14th with Feehan and his stars on-hand for the premiere. If you like your movies a little more unpredictable than the average flick, you'll definitely want to keep Wake on your radar. Check out the gallery for our exclusive stills.