Horror Squad has received word that Dream Catcher games is releasing a historical horror video game for the XBOX 360 and PC next month entitled Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper. The basic premise, as you may well have guessed, is that you play as Holmes and are called upon by Scotland Yard to help solve a series of grizzly murders in London's East End. There are no leads and no suspects, just a trail of cadavers leading to a number of dead ends. Can England's most famous, if fictional, detective solve the most perplexing mystery of the 19th Century? Or will Sherlock become the next mutilated victim of history's most notorious madman?

I have to say I am excited about the release of this game. Usually I am not a big fan of mystery games, and that's a predisposition that stems from my loathing of the NES point and click stuff, but I am also an enormous true crime buff. I wrote my college thesis on serial killer mentality so I imagine this will be right up my alley. As far as features go, the game will offer you the chance to construct hypotheses based on clues you find and witnesses you interrogate and then test them. Granted, resolute adherence to the scientific method sounds like the antithesis of replay value, but I have faith in the adversarial element of pitting Saucy Jack against Sherlock Holmes. The game will also give you the opportunity to explore locations from both first-person and third-person perspective which should allow for the inclusion of some very creepy environments.

Dream Catcher already has quite a few Sherlock Holmes games under their belt so I am confident in their abilities. I for one will be pre-ordering this immediately. Release date is set for April 20.
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