If any of you aren't yet aware, there's a little movie coming out at the end of March called Clash of the Titans. Directed by Louis Leterrier, the film follows the adventures of a young warrior named Perseus (Sam Worthington) as he fights off a horde of magical, mythological beasts. Amazingly, however, this story was previously told, and not just by the Greeks that made it up in the first place: it turns out that director Desmond Davis made a film with the same title in 1981 featuring stop-motion effects work by none other than the great Ray Harryhausen.

In anticipation of their upcoming remake, Warner Home Video released Clash of the Titans on Blu-ray this week, not only to provide improved picture and sound for existing fans, but rekindle interest in both films' subject matter for a whole new generation. And while I will reserve judgment on the merits of the original's storytelling, saying only that it used to be one of my childhood favorites, the new Clash Blu-ray is a worthy and well-suited subject for this week's "Making The (Up) Grade."
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