We brought you news earlier this week regarding Warner Bros.' acquisition of Vincenzo Natali's science-run-amok film Splice. The movie is being released on Dark Castle genre imprint and is set to debut this June 4--right in the middle of summer blockbuster season.

In preparation for this momentous event, Fangoriahas learned that Natali will be re-editing parts of the film. The studio (and Natali) want Splice to be as accessible as possible, hence both sides have decided to adjust the finished version of the film--meaning if you were lucky enough to catch this at Sitges or Sundance, the wide theatrical release will be slightly different from what you saw.

"You're going to see a slightly nipped-and-tucked version," Natali reveals. "I'm actually going into the editing room next week, and if they're true to their word, it's just going to be cosmetic. It really comes down to Joel. He loves the movie and actually enjoys the parts that would scare most producers away. He's being very courageous releasing this. There are also a few things I'm changing after seeing the film with an audience. I believe what will come out of it will be a new and improved cut, but in essence, it'll be the same film."

Here's to hoping that Warner Bros. is indeed true to their word--because Natali's film is pretty great as is if festival audiences are any indication. It's hard to hear a story about a studio asking for edits and not automatically think the worst, but I'm willing to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.
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