James Cameron and Kathryn BigelowIf you were to believe the buzz, rumors and overheard conversations related to Sunday's Oscars, you'd think that James Cameron, the Bad Boy King (... of the World) and director of 'Avatar,' magnanimously wants his ex-wife, 'The Hurt Locker's' Kathryn Bigelow, to beat him out for Sunday's Best Director Oscar. The truth, I venture, is that when Cameron began publicly promoting her over himself, he knew that the lady was already the champ and that he might as well take credit for helping her shatter Hollywood's last glass ceiling.

Meanwhile, Cameron has been telling everyone that he wants 'Avatar' to win the Best Picture Oscar as a reward to the hundreds of workers behind the $230 million-plus production. What a mensch, remembering the little people while counting the untold millions he will receive from the film's $2.5 billion worldwide box office.

I don't know if Cameron will get his Best Picture award, but the third of his five wives is almost certain to win as Best Director. Bigelow is one of only four women ever nominated for a prize that has had 294 male nominees. (Watch out guys, they're going to catch you.) The others were Italian director Lina Wertmuller for 'Seven Beauties' (1976), Jane Campion for 'The Piano' (1993) and Sofia Coppola for 'Lost in Translation' (2003). But this is the year when a woman finally breaks through.
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