Ben Stiller AvatarBen Stiller knows how to make an entrance at the Oscars; during last year's ceremony, the funnyman took jabs at Joaquin Phoenix's infamous 'Letterman' interview -- complete with sunglasses and beard -- to big laughs.

This year, while presenting the award for Best Makeup, Stiller targeted James Cameron's 'Avatar.' Donning blue makeup and an elongated tail (held up by a fishing pole, no less) Stiller spoke in his own version of the Na'vi language, which, according to his translation, meant, "This seemed like a better idea in rehearsal."

But that didn't stop him from going after Cameron. "I see you," he said. "I want to plug my tail, my braid, into your dragon."

Luckily for everyone watching, he didn't.

Watch the clip after the jump.
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