So much for 'Avatar's' record opening for a 3-D movie. Tim Burton's 'Alice in Wonderland' set opening weekend records for both IMAX and 3-D while taking in an estimated total of $116.3 million in ticket sales between Friday and Sunday midnight. It is the sixth biggest domestic opening in history, easily beating 'Avatar's' $77 million tally. Yet even 'Alice's' whopping $210.3 million international weekend showing fell well short of matching 'Avatar's $242 million worldwide opening weekend total.

The combination live action/CGI film scored a lukewarm consensus critics' review on (53 out of 100) with some critics pleading for a trial separation between Burton and Johnny Depp, whose performance as the Mad Hatter is his sixth for the director since 'Edward Scissorhands.' Moviegoers obviously disagree and with 'Alice' playing in 3-D in more than 2,200 theaters, they figure to disagree for a quite a while.