Not long from now the 82nd Academy Awards ceremony will begin, and you'll settle into whatever comfy routine you have for watching stuff like this -- whether that means attending an Oscar party with like-minded movie freaks, or just cozying up on your couch at home with a pint of ice cream, the remote and that Avatar blanket you bought on sale earlier this week at Walmart. But do you have everything you need in order to adequately watch the Oscars in a way that will impress your co-workers when it comes time for Monday morning conversations around the cubicle? Here, let us throw a few more things your way before this party really starts to get out of hand.
  • Beginning tonight at 8pm EST (5pm PST), Cinematical will be live-blogging the Oscars ceremony, with writers Scott Weinberg, Alison Nastasi and William Goss joining us for another round of not-so-wholesome fun in real time. Be there!
  • Do you not have your printable Oscars ballot yet? Well then how will you keep score, track your friend's picks and, um, pretend gamble and stuff?
  • Not exactly sure who directed what and what person starred in which film? Here's a handy guide on who's nominated and everything you need to know about them in order to survive any Oscars party conversation.
  • Still haven't made your Oscars predictions yet? Need to hand in your printable ballot for some great pretend gambling with friends, but can't decide who to pick to win it all? Here, let our experts at Cinematical and Moviefone handle the predictions for you.
  • Wanna know who actually votes on the Oscars? Why don't you check out this closer look at the members of the Academy.
  • What were some of the Oscar nominees doing before they were famous? Glad you asked!
  • Here's some random Oscars trivia to help stump your know-it-all friends.
  • Here's all of Cinematical's Oscar posts.
  • And the rest of Moviefone's Oscar content.
Enjoy the show!