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HOUR THREE coverage begins here with Scott!

10:29 - Hey, here are the Sci-Tech Awards! Too bad we don't care enough about them to make them part of the real show

10:26 - New Jersey and The Hurt Locker -- perfect together. The Oscar for BEST SOUND MIXING goes to Paul N.J. Ottoson and Ray Beckett .

10:25 - and the Oscar for BEST SOUND EDITING goes to Paul N.J. Ottosson for The Hurt Locker. Shame they couldn't be bothered to show some of his award-winning work.

10:22 - Tarantino looks pleased. The horror geek contingent should be pretty happy with that montage.

10:21 - Ok, I love horror and I'm all for the genre getting its props, but Edward Scissorhands is not a horror film.

10:19 - Nice that they could find two people who've never been in a horror movie to represent the genre.