If Sandra Bullock beats Meryl Streep to win the Academy Award for Best Actress tonight, she'll make history, because in addition to being nominated for Oscar honors for her turn in the football drama The Blind Side, she also earned a nomination -- from the Golden Raspberry Award Foundation -- for Worst Actress of the year for starring in the abysmally-received comedy All About Steve. Last night in Hollywood, the classy actress actually showed up to receive her Razzie award, and she came bearing gifts.

Bullock, ever the good sport about being "honored," teased the crowd in attendance, all of whom she guessed hadn't actually seen All About Steve (which she also produced). During her acceptance speech ("I didn't realize that in Hollywood that all you have to do is say you'll show up and you'll get [the award]. If I had known that, I would have said I was appearing at the Oscars a long time ago"), Bullock exacted a revenge of sorts when she carted out a wagon full of All About Steve DVDs to give to the audience.

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