At one time, I thought it would be an interesting experiment to non-ironically adapt Ebert's Bigger Little Movie Glossaryinto a screenplay. I wondered if the book of movie cliches, stereotypes, hackneyed formulas, etc. might actually be the perfect guide to constructing the most accessible -- and therefore most popular -- movie ever made. Or, it would be one of the biggest flops. Either way, it would be a neat exposure of how unoriginal most Hollywood movies are these days -- and the unimaginative audiences who flock to and encourage them.

This fake trailer for a film titled "Movie Title" at is the closest thing I've seen to such an adaptation of Roger Ebert's guide, though it specifically focuses on the cliches, stereotypes, hackneyed formulas, etc. of Academy Award winners. I'd say it's more relevant to the term "Oscar bait" more than certain Oscar winners, but whatever the intent I found the parody hilarious.

I'm not alone in my laughter, either, but I might be alone in admitting I'd actually watch a feature length version of "Movie Title." As someone who forgives expository dialogue at times, I actually loved the bare-faced lines in this video. Especially the simple, straightforward exchange, "'My name.' 'My name.' 'Catch phrase!'" And the final admission of adding a final comedic moment to a trailer for a serious movie was so spot on.

Check out the trailer after the jump. And compare it to the films nominated for tonight's Academy Awards.