Missed some of the Oscars last night? No problem, we've got you covered. Here's our chronological run-down of the good, bad and downright ugly so you can keep up at the water cooler.

6:30 pm
Note to Ben Mulroney: You're in LA, not travelling through Europe. You can put the maple leaf away. Saying stuff like "Come talk to Canada" and "Hi, I'm Ben from Canada" isn't going to win you any friends on the carpet.

Why does eTalk's Tanya Kim keep talking about margarine? Turns out the Heart & Stroke Foundation commissioned a two-minute film by Sarah Polley, which ran during the Oscars commercial breaks. But when Polley found out the film would also be used to promote Becel, she pulled her name from the project. Good call! The constant Becel shout-outs are totally off-putting.