As you may have heard last week, the fantastic outfit known as B-Side has fallen on some hard times. Although well-known as a somewhat non-traditional film distributor, B-Side has also become a festival junkie's best friend over the past few years, and it's because they gave us the Festival Genius. Used either as a replacement for or a supplement to a film fest's official schedule, the B-Side Festival Genius has taken a lot of stress out of the film festival pre-planning. Heck, it makes the arrangement of my schedule actually FUN.

So while it's very unfortunate that B-Side may actually go extinct forever (I said "may"), that hasn't stopped the team from pulling one last present out of the closet. Thanks in no small part to a mysterious outfit known as Electric Shadow Journal, and thanks in very large part to a few B-Siders who continue to do it for the love of the movies, the Festival Genius is here to offer the SXSW 2010 attendees one last hurrah. Behold! The B-Side 2010 South By Southwest Festival Genius! Hooray! Make it location number one for your SXSW planning, or use it right beside the (also very handy) official SXSW film schedule. Either way, everyone here at Cinematical would like to thank the B-Side team for helping us through our festival wish lists all these years.

We anticipate your return with much enthusiasm.
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