As Bloody Disgusting reported earlier this weekend, a new horror film currently in production poses the bold question, "what if Moby Dick wasn't a whale at all, but rather a fire breathing dragon?!" Director Ryan Little (House of Fears) is currently hard at work to bring us Dragon Fire, a fantastical re-imagining of Herman Melville's immortal epic of man vs. nature vs. the darkness inside himself. The film is shooting in Utah, both the mecca of horror/fantasy film production and...nautical allegories? Dragon Fire will star Danny Glover as the infernally mad Capt. Ahab and Corey Sevier (Decoys, Decoys 2) as the unfortunate Ishmael. Just for good measure, the film was kind enough to also throw in Vinnie Jones. As it appears right now, the film is most likely destined for a direct-to-video release, but may also receive a limited run in select theaters as well.

I am really excited about this project. I remember reading Moby Dick in school and, while I think Melville strove for quantity of page over effectiveness of the words, I loved the epic conflict between a man and beast. The idea of taking that story, replacing whale with dragon, and adding a distinctive fantasy flavor is brilliant. I can only hope the dragon will be vicious as all hell and when Ahab makes that fateful stab, it will be the bloody finale to a gory battle. It would be easy to adopt an air of cynicism toward the film given that it will more-than-likely be DTV release, but we've all seen some really fantastic horror titles that were similarly released; more often than in any other genre in my opinion. I am very much looking forward to what a smaller production could potentially bring to a classic piece of literature with a unique face lift.

Oh, and check it out! There's a production video online, jump past the bump to view it! Thanks again to BD for the heads-up.
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