You can find someone who will hate anything, no matter how popular, no matter how useful, no matter how relevant, and no matter how beautiful. If anything, the internet proves the saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" beyond a shadow of a doubt. Here on the net, there's an overwhelming amount of vocal opinions (I'm one of them!); people standing at the ready to tell you that the movie you love sucks, or defending the classic you've deemed as garbage.

Take the ten Academy Award nominees for Best Picture. Now, I don't love all of these films (I haven't seen three of them), but I can recognize why they're all nominated. There are people out there that would argue any of these films right off the list, though; critics who can't understand how a "cartoon" like Up could make the cut or how a movie like Precious could come out of nowhere and become one of the most talked about movies of 2009.

Here's what some contrary critics had to say about the films the Academy honored as worthy Best Picture nods. I don't think any of these quotes are going on the fronts of the DVD cases for these films.