Prepare yourself for disappointment. An animal many people were quick to proclaim as an honest-to-goodness chupacabra has been captured alive in Oklahoma. It's not exactly the two-legged, red-eyed freak sporting a mouthful of fangs dripping with the blood of goats that's been depicted in sketches based on eye-witness accounts. It's a small, dark, and wrinkly critter, more likely to dig through your garbage for table scraps than it would be to drain the blood from a farm animal.

It's a mangy raccoon.

Now, I guess this doesn't disprove the chupacabra all together. although mangy coyotes have also been mistaken for the unknown beast. There's still no obvious explanation for the handful of goats and cows that have been found with their blood drained dry, but the speed with which people are ready to yell "Chupacabra!" at the first sighting of some weird animal seems like a textbook case of mass hysteria.

You can see footage of the "Dry Gulch" Chupacabra (aka Kojak) after the jump.

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