In my review for Jennifer's Body, I contextualized the film in a way that may be construed as hyperbole. While certainly viewing the Karyn Kusama-directed sophomore writing effort is, in fact, not worse than death, I can only imagine the similarity is unmistakable. Most of my time in the theater was spent with my hands placed upon head, jaw hanging open in abject bewilderment over the armageddon of suck that was unfolding on the screen before my eyes.

Naturally, there is bound to be someone who disagrees with me (though I don't really know how, since I'm always right), and that someone is Corey from the fantastic blog Evil on Two Legs. Corey, in his infinite yet questionable wisdom, considered Jennifer's Body to be the best horror film of 2009. Of course, this means debate! After about four attempts to record the damned thing, the stars aligned and Corey and I engaged in what ultimately turned out to be a fairly in-depth and analytical discussion over the relative merits of the film.

And I only dropped the f-bomb a few times

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