Adam and Eve have appeared as characters in countless movies, but they typically have to share the big screen with other figures from the Book of Genesis, such as Noah and Abraham. This may not be the case with a new Biblical epic called In The Beginning, which Deadline Hollywood reports is now in the works via Paramount and Journey to the Center of the Earthproducer Cary Granat. Oh, and here's why it could very well surpass The Passion of the Christas the top-grossing (not taking into counting inflation adjustments) Biblical adaptation of all time: it's going to be 3D!

I'm assuming that much of the 3D spectacle will involve the first five days of Creation, before Adam and Eve's arrival. With a narration probably from Morgan Freeman, we'll witness God's introduction of light and life, which will hopefully look as great as the 3D Pandora does in Avatar, even if there won't be any floating mountains or DayGlo plants. Then the film will apparently focus on the story of the asp and the apple and original sin in the Garden of Eden. All in all this will be a $30 million effects-heavy movie with cinema magic supplied by the digital fx company that worked on Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium and The Spy Next Door.
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