The ever-fickle FOX has renewed the struggling sci-fi drama Fringe for its third season. I guess it's about time I start watching, huh?

I'm always complaining and moaning about the lack of good science fiction on the television (and don't bring up Stargate unless you want a good hard slap to your facial epidermis), but I've sat idly by while the buzz surrounding Fringe has gotten stronger and stronger and the storylines have apparently gotten more daring.

"The spiritual follow-up to Lost and The X-Files!" and so forth and so on.

I wasn't too impressed with the pilot (it felt like it was trying waaay too hard to be the spiritual follow-up to Lost and The X-Files), so I gave up on it, but I've since endured friends and acquaintances ranting and raving about how good it got about halfway through the first season. After FOX moved it to Thursdays, up against juggernauts like Grey's Anatomy and The Office, it looked like the show was sunk, but it's managed to cling to the schedule despite mediocre ratings.

With Lost ending, I need a new show to sink my teeth into. Since it's looking like it may be around for awhile, I may as well just jump on the Fringe bandwagon.

In other news, the always-struggling CW has given the always-tedious Smallville a tenth season. Ten years. A decade. A decade of a flightless Superman and his various soap operatic adventures. I've heard the last season got pretty zany (as in Adam-West-Batman-but-not-self-aware zany), but not even that is enough to get me interested. If you are one of the eighteen people still watching this show, please let me know why I'm wrong.

(Via Entertainment Weekly and Ain't It Cool)
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