With over $115 million in the bank after just three days of work at the domestic box office, Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland hardly needs the opinion of a bunch of critics to boost its success. Good thing too, since the critics couldn't be more mixed on it scoring the film a 53% at both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. Those on the positive side like At the Movies' Michael Phillips and A.O. Scott have been polite in their praise calling the film "interesting" while the detractors are using words like "disposable", "fiasco" and "catastrophe." I suppose every generation needs their own Return To Oz or Hook. But to every yang there is a yin and it was unlikely that Disney was going to put the words "ugly mess" onto their ads.

If you saw the TV spots earlier in the week, you may have come across one where Johnny Depp says he is thinking of words with the letter "M". Lo and behold the next thing we see is:

"Masterpiece." "Mischievous." "Miraculous." "Must see." - Lisa Stanley
"Magical." "Madly inventive." "Magnificent." - Pete Hammond

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