It achieved some notoriety at the Academy Awards last night, when director Roger Ross Williams and producer Elinor Burkett fought for microphone time during their acceptance speech (you can read more about it over on PopEater, where they explain why it has become the "Kanye" moment of the Oscars). But what's the story behind the Oscar-winning Best Documentary Short, 'Music by Prudence'?

The 32-minute film documents the story of Prudence Mabhena, a Zimbabwe native suffering from a debilitating condition known as arthrogryposis that has left her body crippled. Unwanted by her father, Prudence was raised by her grandmother and taught the joys of singing. Living as a migrant worker made it difficult for Prudence's grandmother to support both of them -- and as a result, she was forced to go back to her abusive, neglectful father.
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