Matt Damon is one of today's greatest actors, and he's terrific in all kinds of movies, whether they be comedies, dramas or action thrillers like The Bourne Identity. But I think it's time for him to do something really out there, possibly written by Charlie Kaufman. He had a cameo in the Kaufman-scripted Confessions of a Dangerous Mind and he's done bizarrely silly stuff like Stuck on You, The Brothers Grimm and the occasional Jimmy Kimmel Live! sketch. He'll also soon appear in a strange sci-fi film from Philip K. Dick called The Adjustment Bureau, which could well prepare him for his own metaphysical Kaufman film that combines Being John Malkovich, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The King of Comedy, The Hoax, The Prince and the Pauper and maybe even Multiplicity or The Parent Trap.

The inspiration for such a collaboration comes from a little non-news story about how Damon apparently has a number of imposters around the world impersonating him. Are they clones? Secret twins? Actually Damon on real covert missions for the government a la Confessions of a Dangerous Mind? Whatever they are, they seem to be in as diverse places as Sydney and Miami pretending to be the actor for the benefit of VIP service. Maybe next on their agenda for fraudulence is to star in a Matt Damon movie.
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