Yes, Jeff Bridges won Best Actor last night, and yes every single person watching thought they were being especially clever calling him the Dude. (That's no slam. We were all doing it. You, me, the AP, George Clooney, the trades, Twitter. Everyone. I hear Bridges even quoted The Big Lebowskiin the press room, though that's hearsay.) And am I taking this cheesy tie-in opportunity to post my favorite scene from The Big Lebowski? Yes.

As any Achiever knows, it's pretty difficult to pick a favorite scene or a favorite quote from Lebowski, but if there's one scene that I'll stop and rewind, it's the dream sequence. Everything about it is pitch perfect -- Bridges' crazy anime eyes when he beholds the rack of bowling shoes, his slick dancing, Julianne Moore's spear choreography, her outfit, the music, and the fever dream quality of it all. As impeccable as it is, we've all had dreams like this, usually thanks to substances both legal and illegal. (At least I have. And while I've had Viking helmets in mine, Bridges never showed me how to bowl and I count myself the poorer for it.)

You actually get two scenes for the price of one here, because it also melds into my other favorite scene of the Dude being told off by a real reactionary, but not before singing the theme song to Branded in the back of a cop car. The scene is embedded below, and it's a little NSFW.
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