On one end of the comedy spectrum you've got the broad antics of the Paul Blart: Mall Cops of the world. They're loud and they're base and they're instantly forgettable because, well, they're not funny. Somewhere in the middle of the spectrum you can find the smaller comedies, the ones that never fully penetrate into theaters across the nation but find a good deal of success at home thanks to late night cable. And then on the far side you can expect to find an absolute deadpan comedy styling; the word-of-mouth kind that that can serve as a litmus test for someone's sense of humor. As I think you can probably guess from that introduction, The Happy Poet looks like the latter.

Set to have its world premiere this Sunday at SXSW in Austin, TX, writer/director/star Paul Gordon's The Happy Poet is, "an all-organic, mostly vegetarian comedy about Bill, a struggling poet who pours his heart, soul, and last few dollars into starting a healthy food stand, surprising friends and customers with his dry wit and offbeat passion. Motivated by help from a rag-tag group of supporters and a budding romance with a poetry-loving customer, Bill strives to make a difference in the world, until surprising complications jeopardize his new friendships and threaten Bill's dreams for a hot dog-free future."

Check out the Happy Poet trailer premiere below and then head over to the film's SXSW page for screening details and dates throughout the fest.