Greetings, programs. In the coming weeks you're going to be seeing a number of exciting updates and reveals from the folks at the Walt Disney Company, specifically regarding their highly-anticipated follow-up to the 1982 film Tron. Dubbed Tron: Legacy, Joe Kosinski's film is meant to be a sequel, a re-imagining, and a spin-off all at once, and fans have already spent considerable time and effort trying to uncover even a few glimpses of what's in store when they sit down in theaters on December 17, 2010. Amazingly, and without any more effort than it takes to press play, check out the trailer below!

Although I've reported on some of the viral promotions that Disney successfully coordinated at Comic-Con and more recently in different cities across the globe, I admit that I'm not much for spending hours trying to decipher code or rendezvous at secret locations for swag – although I admit, I do want the swag. (Who can't use a Velcro wallet that has Tron printed across it and carries old-school trading cards?) But the new trailer really does have me excited: it offers more clues about the set-up of the upcoming film, and provides a look at the world of Legacy, and perhaps most importantly to newcomers, what happens within it.

Unlike some of the recent films that were retrofitted or "upgraded" to 3-D, Tron: Legacy was actually shot with that format in mind, so it's probably best to see this footage writ large on a gigantic screen with a pair of polarized lenses strapped to your face. But as a taste of the cinematic buffet to come, this clip for Tron: Legacy will have you thanking The Users for taking you one step closer to the final film.