Some people say the Oscar telecast would be better if they skipped the shorts categories, since the vast majority of the home audience -- and the audience in the Kodak Theatre, for that matter -- hasn't seen any of the nominated films. But as someone pointed out on last night's show, winning an Academy Award for your short film is the best calling card you can have. Many directors of acclaimed feature-length films got a foot in Hollywood's door by making an Oscar-winning short first.

So the awards are valuable. That doesn't change the fact that most viewers don't have an easy way to view the shorts beforehand. It's too late for "beforehand," but BuzzFeedhelped remind us that all five of the animated shorts, including the winner, Logorama, are now online. Now you can go back and see if you agree with the Academy voters -- and watch five amusing cartoons in the process. (There's a Wallace & Gromit in there!)

Once you've seen them, let us know: Which one would you have voted for? Did the right short win? And wouldn't it be great if all the nominees were this easily available in advance, so we could play along at home?

Check them out after the jump.
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