Whether you're a casual moviegoer or a cinephile, you know Alfred Hitchcock. Although it's been almost 30 years since he passed away (April 29, 1980), his impact on Hollywood is indelible. Much of that, of course, is due to the long list of great films he offered us -- from early adventures like The 39 Steps to classics like Vertigo and Psycho. But his impact is also a result of the time he spent in front of the camera.

While he never starred in his creations, the director made himself quite recognizable over his long career, preferring short appearances -- introductions on his television show, his silhouette, and the myriad of cameos he had in his many films. In almost 40 flicks, the director appeared in some capacity, and many of them are almost impossible to spot without help, Hitchcock being no more than a head barely visible in a crowd, or a man walking by. On the rare occasion, however, his cameo was more noticeable, whether he popped up as an image in a newspaper, or a traveler sitting next to Cary Grant.

Thanks to the glory of YouTube, you can stop squinting at the screen to spot them. A Hitchcock collector has pulled together the filmmaker's many cameos and put them into a great series of clips, which you can watch after the jump while fessing up: How many were you able to spot before this handy collection?