Everybody's got an opinion. While some vocal fans, like myself, would donate an expendable limb to see Christina Hendricks roll around nude on a shag-carpeted spaceship in the potential Barbarella remake, the project seems to be one of those in a constant holding pattern. Maybe we'll see some new movement now, because according to The Hollywood Reporter, the O.B. (Original Barbarella) Jane Fonda wants Kate Bosworth to don (and doff) the mod vinyl spacesuit.

Bosworth's name joins a long list of speculated hotties that have circled the project over the years, including Drew Barrymore, Sienna Miller, Erica Durance, and Rose McGowan. None of those can touch the sheer va-va-va-voomness of actress Hendricks, who might threaten to make movie theatre screens literally catch on fire if she was to ever play the space-bound special agent, whose adventures in the original 1968 film included the loss of her virginity on a sled, her sexual conquest of a blind angel, and being "tortured" by an orgasm machine. All of this in a PG-rated film. Simpler times, I guess.

I don't know that Jane Fonda has any actual pull on the producers of the remake, so the mention of Bosworth might be as much of a bit of casting cloud-talk as my Hendricks' wet dream. According to Wikipedia, Joe Gazzam was hired to write an all-new approach to the Barbarella remake for director Robert Luketic (Monster-In-Law, 21). No front-runner has been mentioned by the filmmakers for the title role.

Is Bosworth a good choice for Barbarella, or would you like to see someone else filling the go-go boots?
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