Did the Academy Awards sap your movie love? Reduce you to bitter rantings? Make you want to bask in old, beloved favorites? While Hollywood was getting their glitz on, our movie clubs are still going strong.

Over at SciFi Squad, Peter Hall has pickedRight at Your Door-- a film that delves into a post-bombed Los Angeles, without the usual disaster wasteland. Chris Gorak's 2006 film stars Mary McCormack and Rory Cochrane as a "dirty bomb" goes off in the city, releasing a toxic cloud. Check out the discussion right here.

Meanwhile, Horror Squad's Brad McHargue dug into Ils (Them), "pure, unbridled tension" surrounding a couple terrorized in their isolated country house. It's one McHargue feels was "overshadowed by what I felt was the utterly predictable The Strangers." You can read his commentary on the film right here.

Finally, I dug into the lascivious interludes between Benjamin Braddock and Mrs. Robinson in Mike Nichols' classic, The Graduate, choosing to focus on the unseemly story made epic and classic by its stars, music, and look. You can join in on the discussion right here.

The Squads will offer their next picks this Friday, and meanwhile, you can join me and watch Cinematical's next pick, The Deer Hunter, as I livetweet it this Wednesday, 10 P.M. Eastern time. You can follow me @MBartyzel, and join in on the discussion using both #cinemovieclub and #thedeerhunter.
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