At Cinematical, we like to ponder casting choices. Actors and actresses are, after all, the face of the movie – their names and performances usually acting as the main draw to a film. (Unless we're talking about James Cameron, of course, whose grandiose action often distracts viewers sufficiently away from bad acting.) But when we ask you, our beloved readers, for casting picks, age rarely comes into play with your choices. Do you believe that age is nothing but a number when it comes to casting?

Sometimes it's essential to fudge aging. Times have changed, and the masses won't embrace, for example, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet if her ripe age of 13 remains intact. Adolescence has been stretched, and modern audiences don't take kindly to the old days of barely post-adolescent matrimony. Match that with practical concerns -- the lack of range in young actors, the child labor restrictions in place -- and it just makes sense to bump up the base age a bit.

But what about the other scenarios?
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