I feel incredibly old and slow all of a sudden. As everyone has whispered about the unknown Chris Hemsworth who is currently wielding Mjolnir, I have failed to realize there's more than one Hemsworth. There's three. One of them is named Liam Hemsworth, he's in an upcoming Nicholas Sparks adaptation The Last Song, and he dates Miley Cyrus. My world is blown in some small way. Even so, that's a small kindness in comparison to the one created by his latest starring role. According to THR's Heat Vision, Hemsworth the Younger will be taking the lead in Chuck Russell'sArabian Nights.

I protested this Arabian Nights re-imagining back in November, because the plot centered around a young commander who joins forces with Sinbad, Ali Baba, and the Genie to rescue Scheherazade from evil forces. Scheherazade, who was quite capable of thinking her way out of tight spots, now needs to be rescued. Now, the plot is tempered a little bit by the fact that her husband (who was so initially eager to execute her) has been assassinated, and she's been kidnapped. I still don't like it, but if they could at least have her go down fighting and outnumbered, I could stomach it somewhat.

But if Scheherazade is a disappointment, how about the casting of an Australian as a Middle Eastern warrior? I mean no disrespect to Mr. Hemsworth, but how is that appropriate at all? Does no one in Hollywood have Naveen Andrews' number?
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