I have a weird relationship with Kick-Ass going on right now. I think I'm getting measurable heart palpitations in anticipation of its world premiere at SXSW on Friday, yet I've refused to watch any trailers for it beyond the initial teaser. After hearing the raving responses from a handful of people who caught the early screening at Butt-Numb-a-Thon last December, I don't want to dare risk having any of its big moments spoiled in a trailer. That said, I just tore through reading the outstanding behind-the-scenes compendium that is Kick-Ass: Creating the Comic, Making the Movie.

Given that I'm trying to avoid knowing too much about the movie ahead of time, reading a book about the making of it written by Mark Millar, the man who not only helped produce the film, but wrote the source material it is based on, might seem a tad counter-productive. It wasn't, though. In a weird way it only fed my hunger more. Creating the Comic, Making the Movie is like an introductory hit of crack for a behind-the-scenes junkie like me and now I'm hooked, jonesing to get my next Kick-Ass fix.

I'm a huge fan of all the movie tie-ins Titan Books has been putting out over the last few years, particularly Star Trek: The Art of the Film, but I think Kick-Ass may just be their best work yet. It's obviously an indispensable resource for production information, but what makes it so enjoyable is that unlike their previous tie-ins, which were written by third parties, Creating the Comic was written by Millar himself. Sure, it may lose a bit of objectivity because of that, but Millar's informal, casual, and honest style of writing make the whole thing come across like a personal conversation between the reader and the writer.
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