If you're feeling filthy and want a limited edition, leather bound, coffee-table-sized book that compliments your degenerate lifestyle then step away from the corpse paint and look no further! Fab Press has teamed up with Cradle of Filth vocalist, Dani Filth and music journalist, Gavin Baddeley (Dissecting Marilyn Manson, Lucifer Rising), to bring you a compendium of black metal decadence and more, The Gospel of Filth. Oh the dank darkness of my danky doom!

The history of Cradle of Filth is the focus of this title but it includes over 500 pages of other debaucherous content as it relates to culture, media, literature, art, film and music. The book will cover topics like our fascination with vampires, werewolves, serial killers, and the occult -- looking at everything from folklore to pop culture.

Dani Filth, describes the book further:

"This book is the result of five years of painstaking research and investigation into the far-flung corners of the occult, the realms of literal darkness and all things fun, fearful and macabre. From scream queens to fever dreams and everything in between, this black grimoire uncovers the secrets and history of the esoteric and forbidden and is an absolute must for any lost soul curious about the darker side of life – be it a craving for vampirism, witchcraft, horror movies, serial killers, femme fatales, illicit fiction, exotic sex and drugs, black masses, or gothic fairytales. Making Halloween last all year or just a passing interest in the musical macabre, this book stands like a roadmap to Hell and beyond."
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