James Cameron may be king of the world, but his 3D throne is about to be challenged by someone with even more clout: God.

Yes, according to Deadline Hollywood, God, Adam, Eve and the whole gang are about to get the big-budget, 3D treatment thanks to Paramount, which is in the process of developing a blockbuster based on the Book of Genesis. The film, tentatively titled 'In the Beginning,' is being produced by former Walden Media honcho Cary Granat, who previously shepherded such Christian-themed fare as 'The Chronicles of Narnia' to the big screen.

Details are still sketchy -- for example, it's unclear yet whether the film will feature live actors or if it will be entirely CGI -- but test footage, based on a script from 'Hidalgo' writer John Fusco, is currently being shot in hopes of earning a green light for the projected $30 million project.
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