Now that The Hurt Lockerhas won Best Picture, I keep hearing both jokes and straight-faced inquiry about a Hurt Locker 2. But could it ever really happen? Should it ever really happen? Let's forget that it's not really common for Best Picture winners to spawn sequels -- even those that make more than $1 billion. And let's forget that The Hurt Locker is in fact the lowest grossing Best Picture of all time and therefore does not economically warrant a follow-up. Pretend The Hurt Locker earned as much as its biggest competitor, Avatar. What would the sequel look like?

Due to the way The Hurt Locker ends -- and who is in that ending -- I have trouble imagining anything other than the plot of Lost since the Season 3 finale (and no, I haven't spoiled anything on either end there). Also, I unfortunately can't think of any titles more clever than The Hurt Locker 2: Electric Boogaloo due to the Oscars making me associate the film with breakdancing. So I'm putting this out to readers to pitch their ideas for The Hurt Locker 2. Some more things to forget: never mind that sequels to war films are about as likely as sequels to romantic comedies; never mind that Jeremy Renner's response to the idea is, "go fuck yourself. You couldn't pay me enough money. Even if I wanted to, I just couldn't - literally couldn't - do it."

Really we're more likely to get The Cove 2 -- based on this news story about sea lion euthanization -- than The Hurt Locker 2, but you never know what people in the film industry will do next.
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