I like Jaume Blaguero and Paco Plaza's[REC] so much that I wish I disliked Quarantine, the beat-for-beat American remake, more, but I just can't bring myself to it. Sure, it's unoriginal, but because it hems so close to the magnificent [REC] it ends up being actually pretty decent despite the remake stigma. But what of Quarantine 2, you ask? How will it fit into the [REC]-verse?

Shock 'til You Drops' source tells us Sony's Screen Gems has just hired Ghost Ship writer John Pogue to both write and direct the Quarantine sequel. However, it looks like Q2 is not going to be a remake of [REC] 2. The first films may have been almost identical, but it looks like horror fans are in for a breath of fresh air on both ends as the two projects have nothing to do with one another. [REC] 2 takes place immediately after the events of the first film and is, for the most part, still confined to the same virus-infected apartment building, only it ups the sequel ante considerably with some characters and twists and turns that are best left unsaid.

Quarantine 2, on the other hand, is going to break free from its title action with a jump from the apartment building to an airport setting. I actually think that's a pretty cool idea (especially since it's not a remake) as I can imagine the larger area to be quarantined could make for some really great set pieces. There's only one problem, though. Shock also reports that Q2 is being shaped as a straight-to-video film. That obviously doesn't mean it'll be an inherently small, but grand production design isn't exactly what STV films are known for. Either way, put me down for 'mildly interested.'
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